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Electrical Testing (Test & Tag) Services

electrical testing servicesAll of the electrical testing services provided by Jim’s Test & Tag are fully compliant with AS/NZS 3760:2010 in-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment standard.  We meet the requirement to perform a “leakage” electrical test and tag on all relevant equipment including three phase appliances.

All of our Franchisees pride themselves in providing electrical testing services that are compliant, professional and cost effective for your home or business.

For more information please read the information below on our various electrical test and tag services or simply contact us direct on 0800 454 654.

Data Management

icon-02Jim’s Test & Tag can store the test results of your services for you on the internet.  This service is particularly useful for multi-site customers and can also be beneficial for asset management of non-electrical assets within your organisation.



It is common knowledge that our services have been developed to assist employers in their obligations to comply with the OH&S requirements of their relevant States and Territories and in accordance with Australian Standards.

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Earth Fault Loop Impedance

Earth Fault Loop Impedance Services

In order to ensure your safety and the accuracy of our test results, Jim’s Test & Tag will always test the power point we use for our portable appliance tester.  We can also offer this service to every power point in the workplace.


Electrical Blanket Testing

electric blanket testingWhen its winter, is there anything better than snuggling into a warm bed thanks to the heat generated by an electric blanket?

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Electrical Inspection and Testing

If you haven’t had all of your appliances checked to ensure they are operating safely, it’s time to organise a Jim’s Test & Tag inspection.

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Electrical Risk Assessment

icon-03Our technicians are fully trained to undertake an electrical hazards survey of your workplace.


Extinguishers and Blankets

icon-06At Jim's Test & Tag, we can perform fire extinguisher testing so that in the moment when you need it most, it works exactly the way it’s supposed to.

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First Aid Kits

icon-05Allow Jim's Test & Tag to install and monitor the first aid kits in your organisation. 

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Light Globe Supply and Replacement

icon-07Jim’s Test & Tag can implement a programmed globe replacement regime or simply assist you in minimising your impact on the environment by replacing incandescent globes with the energy efficient globes.  These energy efficient globes may also save you in energy costs.


Microwave Radiation Leakage & Power Output Testing


icon-08Jim’s Test & Tag can check your microwave ovens for both radiation leakage and power output efficiently.  Both test are particularly important in the retail food industry.

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RCD Testing

There is a device that could save your life and your employees, if installed and maintained properly.

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Safety Signs

icon-10Safety signs alert employees and visitors to any potential hazards and to provide simple direction as required. They play a significant role in assisting you in your WHS obligations.

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Smoke Alarms


icon-09Although it’s probably one of the smallest appliances in your home, it would be easy to overlook the regular maintenance of a smoke alarm, but given they can help reduce house fire deaths by up to 60%, regular smoke alarm testing is a must.

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