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We're proud to be part of Jim’s Group - the world's largest franchise group and one of the most famous and respected brands across the globe.

Why Test & Tag?

If your workplace or home relies on any appliances to operate every day, be that specialty machinery or a standard computer, even the everyday items like microwave and kettle, your business has an Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) responsibility to reduce the risk of electric shock. To discharge your duty of care you are required to reduce the risk of electrical shock as far as practicable.  Regular testing and tagging is the most effective means of ensuring all your workplace electrical appliances are safe.

At Jim's Test & Tag, that's exactly what we do - perform test and tag inspections on your equipment, using qualified staff and advanced equipment, to make sure it's as safe as possible. Regular test and tag services help discharge your duty of care for OS&H compliance, and more importantly, mean you’re providing a safe workplace for your valued employees.

Our electrical tagging service means that you and your employees can operate machinery and appliances in your workplace confidently, while the tags also indicate when the equipment is due for its next testing and tagging.

Our team is fully qualified and experienced to ensure your workplace safety and the first thing we do is undertake a visual inspection of your equipment. From there we use our advanced Portable Appliance Tester (PAT) with pre-set tolerances, to ensure absolute accuracy and integrity in our readings.

Once the tests are complete, we can supply a computer generated Log Book and Asset Register for your reference. Electrical tagging can only take place once we have completed the test on the equipment.

Our Services

  • A visual inspection is performed to identify any obvious problems.
  • Electrical tests are performed on a Seaward Supernova with pre-set tolerances, thus ensuring integrity in our process.
  • A computer generated log book and asset register is provided - if we do not do the test we cannot provide a tag.
  • Microwave ovens can be tested on request for radiation leakage and power output.
  • Safety switch and microwave oven testing is also performed for the domestic market.

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Our People

  • All franchisees are competent persons as prescribed by New Zealand Standards
  • They have undertaken the most comprehensive test and tag training in Australia/New Zealand
  • Their objective is to ensure your compliance with OH&S requirements
  • They are committed to providing you with a reliable service with minimal disruption

Why Choose Jim's Test & Tag?


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Each franchisee has undergone a comprehensive assessment process including the provision of a police check.


All franchisees must have a comprehensive insurance package.


All franchisees are comprehensively trained.


Our contract with Jim's guarantees we will warranty our work.


We will arrive when agreed. If, due to unforseen circumstances we are going to be late, or early, we will ring and notify you.

As a growing Franchise organisation, Jim’s Test & Tag represents a diverse range of individuals.

Each one is a stakeholder in our Division and has the opportunity to shape our strategic direction via a feedback process through their Franchisor.

Our stringent selection policy, coupled with our comprehensive training programme, provides the foundation of our commitment to customer service.

As a group we strive to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and continually develop processes to exceed our customer’s expectations.

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