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Test and Tag

Test and tag

Wherever in the world we live, we should strive to conserve and use energy sparingly. Energy can be converted from one form to the other.

Forms of energy

The most important forms of energy that we use on a daily basis are heat and electrical energies.

The heat energy

Heat energy is used to cook our food, boil our water, to keep us warm during the cold winters.

The energy associated

Heat energy is generally associated with fire, which as useful as it is can be dangerous too. Fire which is heat can devastate anything on it’s path, if left uncontrolled.

Testing and tagging

The other form of energy that we use often is electrical.

Test and tag

It is produced with the aid of fossil fuels, solar heat, hydro or water, wind and nuclear among others whilst being very useful to us can also be devastating if abused and left unchecked.

Install fire alarm

There is no specific legislation to control the use of fire, other than the necessity to install fire alarms.

Rules and regulations

It is the opposite with electricity as there are stringent legislations and regulations, that consumers have to adhere to in it’s consumption.

Testing and tagging

We need to test and tag our electrical systems regularly, to certify that they are safe.

test and tag

Jim’s test and tag a subsidiary of Jim’s Group is in the forefront in the testing and tagging industry.

Appliances we use

Appliances that we use could be faulty and as laymen we may not know the dangers lurking within, but regular testing and tagging, by professionals like Jim's test and tag would put your anxieties to rest.

Test and tag

It is always better to be safe than sorry later, hence calling the best in the business and testing and tagging your electrical systems and appliances is advisable.

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Testing and Tagging