How important is test and tag frequency?

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Knowing your workplace is always safe means knowing how often test and tag frequency is needed. If you don’t already know how crucial it is [...]

How do you get a proper PAT test in NZ?

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When it comes to the safety of your workplace, you don’t get a second chance. It only takes a second for things to go wrong [...]

Stay safe with the best in Fire Protection Services

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It’s great to know that you have the top team in Testing and Tagging for your workplace wherever you are in New Zealand. What about [...]

The dangers of faulty electrical appliances in winter

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In comes winter, out come the electrical appliances that keep you warm. To avoid the dangers of faulty electrical appliances in winter you need [...]

Jim’s Test & Tag NZ – proud to be 100% Kiwi owned and operated

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Have you ever wondered if you are dealing with a true Kiwi business? That’s the great thing about Jim’s Test & Tag NZ – we [...]

Is it a legal requirement to Test and Tag in NZ?

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Testing and Tagging is crucial to workplace safety. Each and every business owner has an obligation to provide a safe workplace. Still people ask – [...]

Food Truck Fire Safety

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Food trucks are becoming more and more popular — and for a good reason. These funky food vendors allow people to sell food in all [...]