Workplace safety isn’t just important, it’s crucial.

Any dangers and hazardous issues need to be addressed and rectified. That includes ensuring all your electrical equipment is safe. That’s why you need a team who specialise in electrical testing and tagging services for Auckland and beyond.

Jim’s Test & Tag are the experts who ensure your electrical equipment and appliances are as safe as possible and maintained in accordance with the latest electrical safety regulations. Knowing your business is safe and compliant gives you true peace of mind.

Why is electrical testing and tagging services in Auckland important?

Did you know that any equipment or appliance that is connected to the electrical supply by a flexible cord or a connecting device needs to be tested and tagged?

That is any electrical equipment. It can include equipment that is being used for the first time, whether it has been used before or just been repaired. Anyone at, or visiting your workplace should be protected from the dangers of faulty electrical equipment.

Whilst it is your responsibility, it is something best left to the experts.

Jim’s Test & Tag are trusted professionals ready for you whenever you need us. We provide the very best and most efficient electrical testing and tagging services in New Zealand.

The best part is, we can visit your workplace or business at a time that suits you.

Stay safe with the experts at Jim’s Test & Tag

Not sure what electrical equipment you have and how safe it is? Not sure where to find the best electrical testing and tagging services in the Auckland area?

We’re right here for you. Protect yourself and your workplace.

All you need to do is call us here at Jim’s Test & Tag right now on 0800 454 654 for a free quote or chat about any of our services.