electrical appliance testing

Never forget your portable electrical appliances need professional appliance test and tag services.

Wherever there’s electricity, there’s the potential for disaster. All portable electrical equipment and appliances can develop faults. Even if they’re not faulty themselves, they can be exposed to compromising environments which can cause an electrical shock or fire.

It could be equipment that’s become faulty through misuse or being improperly stored. It could be a dodgy extension cable being dragged through damp conditions. It could be a portable RCD (safety switch) which is faulty, or another hazard altogether.

The only way to ensure safety is regular testing by test and tag experts.

Jim’s Test & Tag perform professional appliance test and tag services

Jim’s Test and Tag make sure appliances and equipment are safe, whether they’re fixed or portable.

Some faults may not be visible when you look at the equipment. They may only be revealed through professional testing, so you can never just go by what you see.

Jim’s Test and Tag technicians are highly trained and approach the testing and tagging process with certified equipment and the latest methods. This ensures maintenance in accordance with the latest government standards.

Portable equipment/appliances include:

  • Kettles, toasters, desk lamps, hair dryers
  • Power drills, circular saws, and other power tools
  • Extension leads
  • Power adaptors
  • Portable RCDs
  • and more

You can’t afford to ignore the warnings. You need professional test and tag experts who know what they’re doing.

You can trust Jim’s Test & Tag

For trusted portable appliance testing services across New Zealand, you need Jim’s Test & Tag.

You can rely on our experienced technicians to ensure all your electrical equipment and appliances are maintained in proper working order at the time of testing. This is done at intervals set out in the AS/NZS3760 Standard.

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