A portable RCD switch is perfect for use on construction sites. Portable switches are also utilised frequently by campers and people who live in mobile homes. You may not recognise your switch immediately – they are often built into portable power outlets and leads. We’ve provided a list below including the different switches that might be useful to you and your business.

At the end of 2016, a total of 49 people in New Zealand had died at work. With numbers so high, it is clear why workplace safety is so important and why you need a portable rcd at work. Make sure your workplace is protected with an RCD switch. Regular RCD testing during use and testing prior to usage will ensure your switch is in working condition and ready to protect your employees.

What is a Portable RCD?

An RCD (Residual Current Device) is a preventative piece of equipment that is used in almost every commercial and residential environment. Your switch monitors the electrical currents in your building or device and switches off the supply when an abnormality is detected. A portable switch is mobile and provides protection for people working outdoors, or in office environments that use electrical appliances. A building should be equipped with a safety switch, but this doesn’t necessarily protect all staff from electrical shock. Added safety is available with a mobile switch.

Choosing a Portable RCD

The safety equipment you choose to protect your business will vary based on your needs. Take a look at these different types of portable switches to get a detailed idea of which appliance you should use to prevent electrical shock at work. If you are using portable appliances, you need to make sure you and your employees are exposed to minimal risk. You can do this by choosing a suitable switch and investing in electrical test and tag services.

rcd 1This portable power board is a popular option for construction sites and any other outdoor works. It has a built-in RCD that is weather proof and four outlets for running multiple tools and appliances at once. You can get this switch for under 100 dollars if you are looking for an affordable multi-outlet option at your workplace.

For fast and rcd 2cheap protection against electrical shock, you can buy a single outlet plug in adaptor with a built-in residual current device. This appliance is perfect as a backup in case you run out of points on your portable power board, or if you forget to bring one. This option is affordable and you can buy one for under 15 dollars. The single outlet switch is great for office workplaces and kitchens.

rcd 3Protection can also be found in extension leads. You can buy an RCD safety lead for under 50 dollars for the safe use of appliances and power tools. This portable RCD is made for tradesmen who are working both inside and outdoors. If you are using an extension lead, it is important to keep it in an unobstructed path and have it checked regularly for signs of damage.

rcd 5You can pass your safe work test with a portable socket outlet assembly. This device is compliant with the AS/NZS 3012 and is suitable for tradesmen working on construction or installation sites. These units are available with 4 and 6 sockets but are a more expensive option at around 500 dollars. There is no measurable value of safety – if this appliance is the most suitable for your environment, you need to invest in one.

All of the switches (and images) featured in this article can be found at www.bunnings.co.nz. Your portable RCD should be tested frequently before use by each user, and by a trained technician as often as every 3 months. You can find out more about how often you should have your safety equipment tested by contacting us via the free quote form or calling us on 0800 454 654.